Bored of mainstream trends centered around sexiness and millennial, with her latest collection the designer is strengthening a new feminine esthetic. Dalood is embracing the innocence and chastity of childlike style in bright monochromatic pallet and with utmost purity, almost fully stripping the collection off of any sensual or erotic notion and you can very well tell, they are doing it with pleasure.
To celebrate Georgian cultural heritage with the latest collection Dalood explores and adapts ancient Georgian goldsmith techniques, knitting styles, and ornament designs to Pre-fall 2020 ready-to-wear garments. You will find sophisticated golden buttons, eye-catching embellishing runway pieces, made with the ancient “Tsvara” (grenitis) technique; knitted jumpers with the traditional folklore ornaments from the historical-archeological region “Khevsureti”.
Dalood’s SS 2020 collection brings us closer to summer and is smudged all over with romance. The beautiful bright colors bring back our summer memories and playing like a lovely chorus line from our favorite summer tune, somewhere in a beautiful outdoor restaurant on an island of Capri, where we get carried away with our solo dance in the sunset, holding a glass of a fine white wine. Flowy satin see-through buttoned-down baby blue dress brings us so close that we almost feel the ocean breeze on our skin. The sense of individuality, the serenity and effortlessness of the collection cannot be left unnoticed. Transforming signature strict slim fit suit shapes into more girly and lighter looks with only using bright pink or blue colors was certainly a brilliant idea and a successful attempt. And adding an extra flavor and more playfulness to the collection with white floral shaped shirt and a pink satin wide leg shorts.
"I wanted to explore existing parallel realities of Tbilisi. Eliava bazaar representing the vast majority of Georgian population struggling with poverty and dressed up ravishing women (models) demonstrating the rich minority, also struggling daily, but in the modern business industries as is fashion for instance."  - Maka Kvitsiani
There were some Instagrammable hits here, including a groovy sequin-covered color-blocked catsuit in earthy pink and gray. Another hot item (and an indication that Dalood should expand into accessories) were the net bags made of plastic silver. - IANA SATENSTEIN (
The designer's goal for this season was to portray Dalood customers through her garments.  All of the drapes, gathers, twists, and curls that defined the dynamic silhouettes cut for this season were inspired by Maka's interpretation of Italian Renaissance paintings. This collection is rich in outwear, ankle long capes, coats, vests and parkas, embellished with gold and  purple embroidery. The color palette is made of purple, camel, blue and gray. Dalood’s iconic embroidered denim transcends from season to season, consequently bleached and stonewashed, embroidered jeans are a significant part of the collection, adding a touch of funk with denim on denim embroidered  jeans and denim skirt ensembles.
“Feminist: a person who believes in the social, economic, and political equality of the sexes. Forget the history of the word and the baggage it carries and think of the idea of it.” - Chimamanda Nagozi Adichie. It was only a matter of time before the #MeToo movement trickled down to Tbilisi, Georgia. In her showroom, Dalood designer Maka Kvitsiani spoke passionately about a recent law that makes it easier for women to report domestic abuse. Maka also made sure to note that Dalood is mainly female-run. -  LIANA SATENSTEIN (  
'The goal was to use natural, recyclable materials, thus cotton dominates this collection.' - Maka Kvitsiani
Dalood by the designer Maka Kvitsiani is a label well-known for its denim pieces, and Kvitsiani doesn’t seem to be letting up on her signature anytime soon. This season, she showed a black denim jacket embroidered with yellow sequin sunflowers and a pair of black jeans boasting blue sequin florals; both looked like they’d be easy sells. As for the rest of the collection, a similar easy appeal was evident in a cropped pin-striped jacket and a skirtsuit in a windowpane print. A denim dress and rhinestone-dotted T-shirt seemed out of place, as did a shift dress with a cut-out on the chest. - LIANA SATENSTEIN (
"Speaking from a busy and active mother's perspective, I am familiar how much stress women have to deal with daily,  for that season, I decided to focus on comfort and positivity. I wanted to create colorful, refreshing and easeful  collection, rich in ensembles and one piece outfits, to make the styling part less time consuming and stressful for my customers. " -  Maka Kvitsiani
Dalood is a label for It girls not interested in showy street style kitsch. The key to Dalood’s popularity hinges on its embellished denim jackets and jeans. The brand’s denim is a recognizable and affordable hit item—a feature that many designers in developing countries lack. (The material has also allowed Dalood to become internationally recognized; it is currently sold at Farfetch.) This season the denim came in a light wash on worn-backward jackets with tiny beaded floral designs—cute, simple, and no fuss. Sequined dresses boasting shimmering watercolor effects were winners, but they didn’t have the casual, easy-buy appeal of the denim pieces. Maybe Dalood can grow its hits beyond denim or put some variation into the signature for next season. LIANA SATENSTEIN (