Grigor Devejiev

“My main goal is the clash of the post-Soviet aesthetics, Georgian folk traditions and a reflection of contemporary social inequality,”


Grigor Devejiev is a photographer with over a decade of experience in fashion, as well as in fashion styling. The vast majority  of   Dalood's campaigns is created by him, therefore the collaborative project was born through friendship and creative convergence of Dalood's Creative Director Maka Kvitsiani and Grigor. His atmospheric, somewhat bold editorials and gritty pics have been included in international fashion magazines including i-D and Metal’. He’s represented by three big, A3-sized colour photos of shabby-looking people in threatening poses in really run-down horrible buildings.He creates a unified visual aesthetic for the Tbilisi fashion scene, which is also relevant globally. Grigor is responsible for the majority of visual footage for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.   The full crappiness is brought out by the use of flash which projects cheap shadows behind the dodgy-looking characters. Grigor often mixes photography genres using documentary photography in fashion. His preferred method is of casting people of the most diverse ages, appearances and social backgrounds for his projects he highlights the lingering inequality in Georgian society.